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The paradox of believing in God. Why believe in a sadist god? But then again we must believe in God if he is to make a difference in our reason and morality.

Socialism, Marx, is inherently a romantic proposition because as Baudelaire pointed out, “Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor exact truth, but in the way of feeling.”

Socialism works because it is based on demagoguery.  If the IMF wants the underdeveloped world to develop, they need not throw money at said countries, but rather ideas.  Ideas of freedom will go much further to create wealth via capitalism than cheap credit or financial aid.

Communism is a religion. It is based on positive feelings, rules by autocratic ruler, and always adapting explanations to justify errors in their rhetoric.

Socialism is like religion. People get convinced through feelings, and a new excuse pops up every time it’s proven wrong.

Cubans are like the battered woman.  They welcome and help, treat like brothers all who come and appear to help.

Castro: Luckiest man on earth.

Beethoven accompanies in our most human experiences.

John Foxe’s book of martyrs is an example of failed network eradication just like the drug cartels are today.

Civilization is slow to adapt to communicating/network building technologies.  Technologies of this sort produces excitement in the beginning and many ideas are accepted.  When schisms in Christianity occurred before the printing press but one religion spawned. When schisms occurred after it, Lutheranism multiplied and we now have many protestant denominations.  Ferguson?

Break your 25-hour fast with a vodka-martini.

Los gitanos son como los hippies… pero con mejor música.

La sobriedad está sobrevalorada. Y solo se la aprecia después de haberte sacado la madre con muchas cosas.  La ley de retornos decrecientes aplica de sobremanera en ciertas actividades… sabio darse un tiempo.

El gusto musical debe entenderse como el gusto en tragos.  Tragos siendo entendido como bebidas alcohólicas.  Uno siempre tiene sus preferidas, pero de vez en cuando se antoja algo diferente.  Por ejemplo, uno gusta del whisky, el vodka, el vino, o un martini.  Pero si uno está rumbo a la costa, un buen aguardiente con cumbia es lo que se requiere.

Oscars 2019: I perhaps would have voted for another, probably Roma.  But Green Book is an excellent film and all the bickering is nonsense.  Spike Lee is a cry baby, and all the loud-mouthed social justice warriors never miss a chance to ruin everything with false and annoying arguments.

M.I. Finley (The Ancient Economy) talks about the absence of economic thought and theory in Ancient Rome.  He says markets and economic motivations played little if any role on ancient economies: Bollocks!

Paul Krugman advocates for government protection of certain industries in order to produce worldly competitive industries.  Nonsense!.  The Chaebols in South Korea, which are prime examples of government sponsored monopolies should be the forefront example against Krugman’s assertion.

GMOs are to food what drugs are to the religious experience.

Our profession in this world is to suffer and die, and yet we still need money to do that.

True effect of technology: ennui at the expense of being more efficient in completing tasks.

Aletheia: The end of female human sexuality… to open without retreat.

Nietzsche was a liberal: His life affirming (excellence, individual development, nobility) vs life denying (self-sacrifice, compassion, equality) philosophy is that which favors the risk and total liberty sought by true liberals.

I see no “public intellectuals” giving opinions on theoretical physics.  Why are public intellectuals, like Chomsky, entitled to give opinions on economics?

It seems to me that as society progresses in technology, it experiences devolution in our humanity.  We have invested so much time and effort into becoming more productive that we have forgotten to invest time and effort into our humanity.

We dream to remember.  When we dream about a possible future outcome based on real events, the dream is an indication of correct connections.  Prophecy? if you dream it, it can be true.  Not really…