How to make the internet itself another social media alternative?


That’s right.  I remember thinking this way back in 2011, but now upon news of the fragmentation of social networks, about the harm of social networks, the political spectacle involving social networks, the rise of private group chats, the fall of Twitter; it seems Google could consider bringing back its failed service.  However this time it should engage the whole web and not only the user’s contacts.  How? Remember the “+1” button? With that.  Imagine an internet where every news article, every video, every page, had a little “+1” icon that would let the web surfer know who has recommended it when hovering over it (among those he follows, naturally).  Couple this with a centralized feed and Google could step back into a changing marketplace, and at the same time cater to those that eschew all current alternatives, like yours truly.

I guess Twitter could also try it.  It could only help its decreasing user base.

One thought on “How to make the internet itself another social media alternative?

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